H & H Direct Mail Services In Brief

H & H will design, print, image, fold, insert, address, and mail your message to a targeted list of your most likely future customers. Whether your company is new or a huge established enterprise, you will be considered a strategic partner. Your success makes H&H successful. That is how H & H has built its business and reputation since 1979.

From 5,000 to 100,000 mail pieces, we deliver quality on-time service. Call today for information and a quote for using any of the services below.

Lettershop Services

Invitations, postcards, brochures, etc., bring your files and let H & H print your mailing to your exact specifications. Our staff will fold, collate, insert, address, and send your card or letter out.

Data Processing

Let H & H turn your paper lists into digital information. From Excel to Dbase, to a variety of written, image, and numerical data formats. They can turn your mountains of hard copies into data stored securely on your computer and/or in the cloud. Why pay for office space for paper files if you do not have to?

Creative List Services

The key to successful selling by direct mail is an accurate, well targeted list. Once your customers are targeted (often by neighborhood or ZIP code) your mail will be sent to arrive on the proper day. H & H will also verify with the Postal Service’s National Change of Address Database (NCOA) to insure your postcard or letter is properly addressed and delivered. (Read how demographics can pin-point your perfect prospect.)

Fulfillment Services

Why store merchandise, brochures, or coupons and deal with shipping and handling issues. H & H will take care of everything for you! Just send us instructions to where your merchandise needs to be delivered.

Presort & Database Services

Pre-sorting your mail allows the letter carrier to simply pass out your mailer as he or she walks the route. Pre-sorting can include barcode address information which saves the Post Office time and effort while giving you lower postal rates.

Graphic Design

From simple to complex, H & H can create the design to promote a professional image and turn prospects into customers.


Have an idea to convey but not the words? Let H & H help your with your marketing message. A sale is nothing more than a “transfer of enthusiasm” about the merits of your product.They will discuss with you the ideas you want promoted, then create polished prose for your sales letter, card or brochure.

Website Design

From a simple graphic page to an interactive website complete with animated sliders, video, and a blog. Call H & H to discuss your needs.

Continuing Education

Beginning early 2014, H & H will teach courses to help their clients increase their understanding and sales volumes! Proposed courses cover a range of topics helpful for business including basic graphic design, basic copywriting, saving money on postage, using fulfillment services to lower labor and storage costs, etc. (…more information)