Direct Mail is still one of the most effective ways to get new customers! Call Sandy at (915) 591-6245 for a free estimate on your next mail campaign. We can use your existing customer list to sell additional products or create a custom list that focuses only on the people most willing and able to buy from you.


Lists are all about demographics. What are the people like who already purchase your product? What is their age group, their neighborhood, their income? Are they single, college graduates, married, have children, drive trucks? There are a lot of variables, but the closer we get to your ideal customer, the more effective your direct mail campaign will be.

Direct Mail Advertising using your materials

Direct Mail has been the #1 main focus of H&H since 1979. H&H can create whatever you need to get your message out. However, many of our clients already have their materials (often sent to them by out of town corporate offices). Our expert personnel and equipment can economically address and stuff your envelopes.
The advanced machinery can even put different pages for different addresses. For example, if you were a bank, you could have mortgage refinancing inserts go to home owners and student loan inserts go to college students.
Wishing to send catalogs, brochures, etc.? Other machines fold, staple, address, and fasten (required by Postal Regulation) your mail.

Saving Money on postage

With their expertise for pre-sorting bulk mail, H&H saves you a substantial amount of money! Even First Class Mail is cheaper when presorted, because the post office does not have to take hours to sort it. H&H is capable of addressing and presorting so the letter carrier can put it in his bag and simply hand it out. H&H does the work but you save the postage fees!

Complete Design and Copywriting Services

Be sure to visit the Design and Copywriting pages on this website to learn how H&H can be your complete resource and business partner for all your mail marketing needs.

Click here to see how H&H can entice people to a webpage to buy your products and services. Pay for a quarter page coupon and get a webpage with multiple offers and reasons to buy from your business