H & H will offer various 1 to 2 hour courses beginning in early 2014. If you have a subject that you want to know more about, contact Ron Harris by phone or the contact page. Teachers will be made up of people from our staff, associates, and others. If you want to teach a class and share your expertise in your field, please volunteer.

As business continues to evolve, continuing education becomes evermore important. Learning new concepts, techniques, and information gives you more understanding of new trends and markets. Educating yourself can also bring you more revenue as you learn new ways to connect with more people and increase your market share.

Possible Courses may include

  • Basic graphic design
  • Basic copywriting
  • Demographics
  • IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcoding)
  • H & H facility tour
  • Basics of list creation
  • Saving money on postage
  • Understanding your prospects and clients
  • Using fulfillment to create future sales
  • Postal regulations
  • Using brochures and newsletters as sales tools (visual aids)

If any of these classes appeal to you, let Ron know by reordering this list by what you want most to learn at the top. (You don’t have to list them all, just the ones you like.) That way H & H will know which¬†course to teach first and create a contact list of those interested in this continuing education venue.¬†( Your information is never shared with third parties.)