Direct Mail Webpage Hybrid

H&H combines Direct Mail Marketing with High Tech

How can you get more prospects to see your message? Better yet, how can you put a brochure into the hands of people most likely to buy? And how can you do that at a fraction of normal printing and mailing costs? Look no further than H&H Direct Mail Web Page Hybrid product.

The lure of mail direct marketing programs is that the envelopes are generally opened and the coupons or “buck slips” are read. People look forward to a good deal! They want to be the one in their group to “discover” a new restaurant, gadget, or boutique. And it’s fun to look through all those pieces. The disadvantage is that your offer is limited to the size of a dollar bill.

The perfect solution

H&H Dinero Tree Inc. will print and mail your offer with an embedded QR Code so that the recipient can scan to see a full web page of offerings. You can even include additional information about you. (People buy from people they like, so tell them who you are.) This new advertising venue has worked very well for others. Let it do some magic for you! To save even more money, H&H now offers a program where they will send your offer with other non-competing offers and even create the web page. Call Sandy at 915-591-6245 (office) or 915-443-7478 (cell) for more information and a quote.

H&H can use your design and copy, or have their talented graphic designers and copywriters do it for you. It’s your choice.Your existing brochure graphic can be posted on a webpage(s) or H&H can do the design for you. If you need a complete website, H&H has a partner web designer to take care of that for you, too.