Creative List building


Lists are all about demographics. What are the people like who already purchase your product? What is their age group, their neighborhood, their income? Are they single, college graduates, married, have children, drive trucks? There are a lot of variables, but the closer we get to your ideal customer, the more effective your direct mail campaign will be.

Often mail is sent using more general settings. After all, most people need a dentist, carpet cleaning, and groceries from time to time. However you are serving a specific clientele or niche market, highly targeted addressing can save you plenty of money reducing your printing and mailing costs. Why send a card to someone who can not use or afford your product or service?


You may still receive mail that should be delivered to a previous occupant of your home or business address. H & H insures your mailing list is accurate by using the NCOA (National Change of Address) database to insure that your letter or postcard gets to the right person.

(Read more about demographics and enhanced databases.)