Similar to the graphic design process, H&H will work with you to develop the right verbal marketing message to promote your company, event, or product. In many cases the offer or sales copy is made as the mailing piece is designed. But if you need something more complex, H&H has the resources to create longer and more involved sales letters and brochures.
Good copywriting speaks to one reader at a time. Depending on the demographic of the reader, the tone may be casual, informational, or high-brow. But in every case it is conversational because one needs to get the reader’s attention, create a desire, present a solution and persuade the reader to take some kind of action.
A mail marketing piece may consist of a picture, a list of benefits, and a course of action. Complex copy needs to make a promise, present a solution in terms of a product or service. it also needs to present proof that the product can live up to the promise through testimonies, statistics, test results, etc. After the reader has enough information to make a decision the call to action is made.
The higher the cost of the product or service, the more research needs to be done in respect to the target market, the product itself, and how existing customers are using the product.