H & H is a certified full service mailer. They use Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)  to reduce the cost of labor for the Post Office and to reduce your mailing expenses. The following descriptions are quoted from The United States Postal Service website.

Certification Programs

The United States Postal Service®, in cooperation with the mailing industry, developed certification programs to evaluate the accuracy of software and equipment offered by Vendors and Licensees that provide mailing related services to customers.

CASS™ System

Evaluates address-matching software and improves the quality of ZIP+4®, CRIS, and 5-digit coding accuracy.

 The CASS system improves the accuracy of carrier route, 5-digit ZIP®, ZIP + 4®, and delivery point codes that appear on mailpieces. CASS is offered to all mailers, service bureaus, and software vendors who want to evaluate their address-matching software and improve the quality of their ZIP + 4, CRIS, and 5-digit coding accuracy. This process is graded by the United States Postal Service®, National Customer Support Center (NCSC), and the results returned to mailers in order to provide useful diagnostics for correcting deficiencies.

CASS enables the Postal Service™ to evaluate the accuracy of address matching software programs in the following areas: (1) 5-digit coding, (2) ZIP + 4/ delivery point (DP) coding, (3) carrier route coding, (4) DPV®, (5) DSF2®, (6) LACSLink® (7) eLOT® and (8), RDI™ products. CASS allows vendors/mailers the opportunity to test their address-matching software packages and, after achieving a certain percentage of compliance, to be certified by the Postal Service. CASS does not measure the accuracy of ZIP + 4 delivery point, 5-digit ZIP, or carrier route codes in a mailer’s existing files. CASS enables mailers to measure and diagnose internally written, commercially-available, address-matching software packages. The effectiveness of service bureaus’ matching software can also be measured.

There are two stages in the CASS process: Stage I, which is optional, and Stage II, which is required for certification.

PAVE™ Program

Evaluates the accuracy of presort software in sorting address files.

The PAVE program is a process designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to evaluate presort software and determine its accuracy in sorting address files according to DMM® standards. PAVE is available only to software and hardware developers, i.e., companies that develop presort software or manufacture presorting equipment for resale or internal use. Participation in the program is purely voluntary.

Although this program evaluates and validates presort products manufactured by developers, PAVE does not guarantee acceptance of mail prepared using PAVE-certified hardware and/or software; however, it does provide national approval of computer-generated facsimiles of USPS postage statements, standardized documentation, and other presort documentation.