Advantages of mail marketing

Even though First Class mail is down 30% over the last decade, Direct Mail Advertising is still effective and the first choice for many businesses. Mail marketing has several advantages over other advertising venues. Direct Mail Marketing

  • Targets your most likely prospects for higher ROI
  • Allows you to control the size of your audience and expense
  • Allows you to target local markets
  • Economically test different marketing messages, designs, and demographics
  • Can send different messages to different recipients in the same mailing
  • Makes it easier to calculate ROI than many advertising venues
  • A mail marketing piece directs your client to an address, phone number, or website without them having to write anything down (try that with radio)
  • A letter, brochure, or postcard may be used as a coupon for a specific offer
  • Allows you to share mailing expenses with other non-competing businesses

Mail marketing in the age of
the internet

You can find anything you want on the World Wide Web…if you already know what you are looking for and where to look. People get lost as they surf the internet as they get pulled from one interesting feature to another, scan their home page, and read their email.
A letter or postcard can direct them to a specific offer or piece of information that they already care about because it is sitting on their desk. If they take a wrong turn on the “information highway”, the mail provides a physical signpost to put them back on their way.
Nearly 50% of people using the internet are now accessing it with their smart phones and tablets. H & H can imbed Quick Response Codes (QR codes) into your mailer so they can easily access more information to help them make a buying decision. These web pages are optimized for all types of devices (PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones). Your customer can see your information in its best format no matter what device they are viewing it on. (See a demonstration by making this webpage narrower by dragging the side in.)