• Printing and mailing center exterior of building
  • Computerized printing, addressing, imaging equipment
  • Computerized printing, addressing, imaging equipment
  • Mail marketing equipment
  • Canon 7000 printer
    Newest printer, the Canon 7000, delivers outstanding color documents fast.

Your future customer opens her mailbox and pulls out an attractive card or brochure with your name on it! It immediately gets her attention, and after looking it over, she calls to make an appointment for your service.

H & H  will see your direct mail campaign through from start to finish! They will help you design and write your postcard, letter, or brochure; and create a custom mailing list for your best prospects. They will print your piece, address it, insert into envelopes, and pre-sort it to get the very best postage rates to save you money. Your mail will be sent to arrive on a specific day to get the most impact for your sale or event.

H & H Mailing Services is a full service company that wants to be your strategic partner. View a brief list of services offered, explore the rest of this website or call 591-6245 for more information. H & H Mailing Services is a division of H & H Dinero Tree, Inc. and based in El Paso, Texas.

H & H is CASS and PAVE certified and offers the IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) system to increase efficiency and reduce your mailing costs. For example, a first class letter, invoice, or bank statement can be mailed for as low as 33-cents when IMB is used.

HNHTRAINThe only privately owned Canon C7000VP in El Paso is at H & H, ready to quickly create your next mailing. This machine is practically a “one-stop-print-shop” by itself, though we have many machines to print, address, envelope stuff, etc. to create and deliver your important letters, cards, and brochures. Its large format capabilities allow printing for large wall calendars and other items. (The other unit belongs to Fort Bliss for DOD printing.)

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